We should be fighting ISIS with contraception?

We need to take a long term approach. ISIS may go but some other islamic nut bag terrorist group will spring up after it. We need to get contraceptives in their water, their food and their bodies. We need contraceptive implants that can be fired at women and girls from a distance. If we can stop them breeding then we need only contain them until they die out.
  • Yes, contraception could save the world.
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  • No, I'm so Christian that I'ld rather ISIS take over than support contraception.
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  • I think those two choices present a moronic false dichotomy.
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  • Contraceptives to who exactly? Every Muslim girl/woman? That's very disturbing. Sounds like some eugenics shit. Totally against it.

    • No, just those in areas with radicals.

    • It's not about their genes.

    • ISIS seems to be recruiting from all over the world at this point. Besides that - still no. It'd violate the human rights of many innocent women, and just these methods themselves are abhorrent.

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  • All we really need is to stop meddling in foreign affairs, bombing other countries and pissing them off. That way, groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS can't gain a foothold because there's nothing to fight. Why would people want to fight someone who isn't destroying their way of life?

    • ISIS wants a global islamic caliphate. Just like Muhammad did. Islam has always been spread by the sword.

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    • I'm American and I certainly don't do that. Islam is not a peaceful religion and never has been, it was the tool of a warlord.

    • I'm American as well, and that way of thinking will keep us at war with Muslim countries (completely unnecessarily I might add) until our grandchildren die of old age.

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  • ISIS isn't a gene. It is a idea. They want to create an Islamic state that enforces all the laws of the Quran, you cannot just prevent that. Plus, it is known of them to take sex slaves and rape women. They will not be slowing down with contraception stuff being thrown at them

    • Memes can be passed from parents to children too, not just genes. Most people have the same religion as their parents. Radicals will raise radicals for children. If we can stop them from procreating there won't be another generation of them.

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    • Not really. France, Britain, and Germany all have had their citizens leave to fight in the middle east and not just for ISIS either.

    • Their citizens, sure. But people who are ethnically french, german, British etc? I doubt it.

  • So with the whole recruiting from all over thing, you wanna do the whole eugenics thing all over the world then? And hey there's lots of terror organizations all over now, if you wanna stop them all from reproducing you gotta hit them all over, and why stop there why not stop any gang activity with that too. We can just use eugenics all over the world to be safe. Let's start with your place.

    But seriously bro, your trolling skills need work. Fail troll is fail.

    • This isn't about genes, it's about the radical Islamic meme complexes being passed on from parent to child. I don't see any need to eliminate their genes, this is not eugenics.

  • Really dude that would take A SHIT LONG time to enter IS and make them take those things that's FREAKING LONG AND arw u talking about IS or Muslims here?
    And if u want to end IS Fight them they r not that strong the egyptian army is kicking their asses it's not difficult dude and if u don't want to fight give us some wepons and we will fight

    • And use the word IS not ISIS coz it's offensive to the egyptian goddess ISIS

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    • Why are you surprised I said unfortunately? I think it's bad thing that ISIS exists, most people do.

      But you don't believe in goddesses. You mean an impostor once existed. A woman who wasn't actually a goddess and is now dead, once lived. What's so important about that?

    • I thought u meant ISIS the goddess and that's ur opinion okie I respect it

  • Absolutely, I also believe this method should be tested on you.

  • It worked in mass effect why wouldn't it work in this situation lol

    • That's a game right? (I'm not really familiar with it.) What happened in it?

    • Search up the krogan rebellion

  • Lol wtf is this


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