Cat advice anyone? meow?

Hi! any cat lovers there? so we have a cute baby cute cat! haha! Apparently, it's the first time we have a pet cat coz eversince we have dogs.. any advice on how to take care of a cat? and how can i make her/him (dont know the gender yet. i haven't asked the owner of the mother cat. im kinda afraid to get near coz i dont know how to approach a cat. i might do something wrong :( ) close to me? also what not do... a bunch of meow thanks!

i mean a kitten. haha! still young so.. a kitten :))


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  • Kittens want five things: food, water, a clean litter box, someone to play with, and lovies.

    Let it get used to the house and then it will start coming out. Give it plenty of spaces to expolore and toys to play with. Cats bond mainly with the people who feed them and play with them so try to put time into both.

    You need to start training now. If you don't want the cat on the counters then keep a squirt bottle in the kitchen to squirt it when it gets up. It's also important to have a designated scratching area. If it's a scratching post or a little box style from walmart on the floor that's great. Give the cat treats for scratching where you want it to and squirts for everywhere you don't. This is also the time to start leash training if you're interested in that.

    That should get you started. Good luck!

    • squirt? as in just squirt some water? how can i keep the kitten off the couch? and it may sound silly, what does it mean when he stares at me? I don't know if he wants to be touch or not bec sometimes he bites my hand...
      thanks for the advice! :)

    • Yeeees. What else would you squirt at him? XD

      You're not letting the cat on the couch? Why?

      It can mean lots of things when he stares at you he could want to play or is just watching you. Don't stare back because that's confrontational. If he's staring just give him slow blinks and then look away and go back to what you were doing. That will show him that you like and trust him.

      You just have to read his body language. Is he playful when you're trying to pet him or is he wanting to smell your fingers? Sometimes it's easier just to let them ask for attention.

    • Oh I get it. I have to squirt the water ON the kitten. I was wondering how to discipline him since he won't listen at all. Haha. So every time he goes on the countertops or whatever high places, squirting him would do the trick?
      My mom doesn't want pets to be on couches...

      He lays beside me and try to chew my shirt. Lol. When I would try to touch him, he would be cautious? I can't really read his signs...

      I've also been thinking that whether I should stare back. I guess it's the same with dogs as u mentioned, it would be confrontational

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  • In terms of health, cats tend to hide their pain, so be very watchful of litter box habit changes, eating changes, and unusual behavior to take them to the vet.

    • Also buy him The best food possible, they get sick s much as us. read about the urinary blockage emergency in cats which can kill them literally before you know.

    • well she loves fish :) ill search for that. Thanks!

    • ur welcome. Yea I read an article on how because of an evolutionary reason, they manage to hide pain, when cat owners see more than one thing wrong with them, when they take them to the vet, they realize usually something serious is happening such as kidney failure. ya fish is good, ty to give them wet foods as opposed to dry food

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  • If it's a kitten you could play with it with a piece of string or buy a toy from a pet shop. Cats love being scratched behind their ears too by the way