Is it legal for my employer to demand documentation for my permanent requests off that have been honored for a long time?

my manager is demanding that me, along with all the other employees, come in with documentation PROVING why we have certain days permanently requested off. some people have worked there for years and their request off have always been honored. i have been there for a year and my permanent request has always been honored. furthermore, he said that if it is not work, school, a child, or religious then you can no longer permanently request it off. IS THIS LEGAL or is this an infringment of privacy


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  • It's probably legal. Lots of dick moves are legal, unfortunately.

    You could ask a labor attorney in your area. You could call a local union and see if their legal office would be willing to answer this question for free. But you may well have to pay to get a reliable answer to your question. And only a lawyer will know the answer for sure. There may also be a Legal Aid office in your area which assists indigent clients and could help.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks. Hope things are going okay for you. Always a pain to deal with a manager like that.

      Don't let the turkeys get you down. :)

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  • That doesn't sound right. If you ask for time off, it shouldn't matter WHY you're doing it. I agree with @detlef Look up the labor laws for your area and call the Labor Commission or Department of Labor to get clarification.

    • Belle's right, those are the first places you should call.

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