What do you think should happen to the modern MRA (Men's Rights Activists) movement?

Recently, there has been a 'movement' growing online whose members are called MRAs. Most people who spend a lot of time online are familiar with them I'm sure. If you're not, they generally focus on men's isues (like divorce law, male suicide rates etc.) and staunchly oppose feminism.

Please explain why you voted the way you did and if you have any further thoughts, please post them.

I asked a similar question about feminism and I'm curious how the votes compare.
I'll compare the results and answers and might do a Take on it comparing the answers if I get enough responses to this so please, say whatever you feel is relevant.

  • It should be given a LOT more support. All men would be best off joining and all women should join too.
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  • It should be given more support. More men would be best off joining and women should listen to it more.
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  • It should be listened to more.
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  • Nothing. It's fine as it is.
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  • It should change it's methods/goals.
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  • It should be totally "re-branded" and change it's image/goals/methods and everything else.
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  • It should be ignored and preferably no one would join and it would die out.
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  • i think the modern MRA philosophies and methods are misguided and inherently violent. they largely spend most of their time, as you mentioned, focusing on opposing feminism for all of the wrong reasons and harassing people online.

    when i was younger i tried to go online and be part of some mra discussions and every time (EVERY TIME), even tho i really was just saying things like "i agree" or giving my honest opinion, I would be threatened with rape. regardless of which site or forum i went to, i would eventually be threatened with rape.

    something i thought was interesting was the overlap between the mra activists and kkk sympathizers. guys on the forums would frequently post about Black men ruining their lives by dating white women, or they would talk about Mexicans being rapists, they would blame the bad image of men on men of color very often. and dont get me started on their treatment of trans men or queer men.

    it's desperately sad and disgusting. there was rarely any support for men who were victimized, none for men of color, none for men facing poverty or racism... i don't know what i was thinking ever supporting them.

    i'm thoroughly ashamed of every trying to support them. the MRA groups are awful. they did nothing for the community and did nothing but shame women and people of color. not cool.

    there is a need for people to dedicate time to mens issues like suicide, police brutality, general violence that men express and violence forced on them. but this needs to be done without causing harm to others.


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  • we need a true equality movement, where both men and women issues are talked about and help everyone of both genders. we will never get anywhere if we are to busy fighting each other


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  • I think that, much like @BellePepper , MRA groups are a good thing if they actually do what they should be doing. From what I've seen, most MRAs only come out of the woodwork so that they can criticise feminism, but I've barely ever seen them speak about things that matter - e. g. unfair laws against men, trans men and the discrimination they face, men in abusive relationships or male rape victims, unfair expectations of men in society. Whenever I've seen them talk about things like that, it's always finished with something like 'where's feminism now?' or 'but women complain about what they go through'. As long as it's a movement focused on building men up and not on dragging women down, I support it.

    • I think it's fine to point out the failings of feminism as it often claims to be for both genders, when it clearly isn't.

    • If you can logically and analytically make a reasonable criticism of feminism, then by all means, do it. The point was that, in my experience of MRAs, all they've been doing is popping up at a time to criticise feminism whilst not actually doing anything to support their cause.

  • I don't have a problem with "men's rights" groups as long as they actually DO things to help men. Raise money for shelters, work with homeless vets, destigmatize seeking treatment for mental health, etc... I don't care as long as they do something more useful with their time than sit around and talk about how much they hate women, feminists, and "feminization".

  • it should be listened to more.


What Guys Said 3

  • Right now they're just a bunch of butt hurt men who's only purpose is to go against feminism. They're not fighting for men's rights, they're just fighting against feminism.
    They have to change cause right now they're worthless.

    They need to start fighting for men's rights and forget about feminism, focus on stuff like divorce laws, inequality in the court (men receiving harsher penalties for the same crime), male suicide rates, thinking every man is a rapist... they need to fight to change that and not fight against feminism.
    They're obviously not getting enough attention right now because they've done nothing that's worth the attention... well, at least not the positive attention.

  • It's a bit of a joke. The word feminism is juvenile as it is, why are men going to turn around and do the same thing? If you believe in equality, it's that simple. The labels are just childish. I believe in equal opportunity, not redistribution, handouts, or bullshit. As long as nothing is truly holding you back, then you give life your best shot and be the best that you can be.

  • I meant to vote 'B'. While it's true there are inequality issues amongst women, but it also exists amongst men too. But it is not as heard as much as women's issues as society claims men have more "privilege" or it is accused of being "misogynistic".

    I do believe there should be more listening to the MRA because most people do not understand the inequality issues in men that can really impact their lives. I do not oppose feminism, but the group focuses only on issues against women most of time.

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