Staying single bc?

I'm still single bc I'm jobless many girls flirt with me but I avoid them bc I'm jobless not bc I dont have money but the whole idea is not right for me example since I'm jobless that mean I'm not busy at all and she will think I'm empty person yes I'm not but in the present I think I dont have a lot to do. But this keep me single which I dont like it and I had girlfriend a year ago but we separated. Am I wrong to stay away from girls just bc I'm jobless?
Even I'm jobless I won't ask you to pay for dinner or for the date.

What you think about it?



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  • Well, I think you are being considerate of wanting to not involve yourself with someone when you can't even support yourself at the moment. It's an unfortunate situation, but hopefully you can get a job soon. I stay single because I want to, but if I were to date I would like to pay my way and not put it all on the one I'm dating.


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  • You know what I would do I would try a dating site and be honest about your financial situation then there is no fear of having to tell her as you date a woman, she already knows.

    • Nice idea but dating sites not known that well

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  • You can still have a girl without money.

    • But not for too long.

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