I can't decide what to get for my next vehicle, should it be a car or a truck?

Ok so I've worked hard for 4 years and I'm getting ready to graduate college with my bachelors degree in nursing. I've always told myself that I'm gonna put away money once I graduate and pay off loans but the one thing I'm gonna blow some cash on is a nice vehicle. I've always had a passion for cars/trucks and I'm stuck between a sports car or a diesel pickup truck. The car would be nice because I would love driving it around in the city and taking it on the interstate, but it would leave me little room for friends or any luggage. Truck would give me more room for luggage and be useful When I go home to help my dad out on our family farm. The truck would probably we worse on gas mileage and be harder to navigate in the hospitals parking garage, and the only times I would really be helping my dad would be during planting and harvest. No matter what I get I know I would love it and enjoy building it with more customizations and upgrades but I'm interested to see what your opinion is. please help me out!

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  • Get a regular looking car with a good engine. I guess you'd call it sports car if we really wanted to narrow it down. With trucks you have to remember one rule, the bigger your truck is, the smaller your dick is. With sports cars you pretty much have to have a sleeper or something that doesn't scream "look at my insecurity" so I'd say BRZ, GTI, TT, BMW M3, Subaru WRX (Immediately swap the WRX trunk with someone who's got a base trunk of the same color and year). Just look for something that's low key and fast, you don't need to have something that's worth a ton of money for a fun car that will get attention from the right crowd.

    • Why you think a truck or car effects my duck size in really not sure? Not that it's any of your business but growing up my grandpa had a 1967 mustang that we pretty completely rebuilt. He is in poor health now and will not be around much longer. I'm hoping that this will be one last project that I can have him with me. how exactly does that relate to me being insecure or having a small dick?

    • It's implied that if you have a big truck, you have a small dick. Look I'm just saying get something with power that doesn't look like it would, the rest is just for giggles m8

  • Get a crew cab 1500 truck. Denali 1500 or a Ford King Ranch 1500. They're fun trucks to drive, but the 6.2 from GM is known to be the fastest truck engine on the market. 0-60 times under 6 seconds, adding some bolt on mods will help with economy by 1 or 2.
    A sportscar is also nice, but i'd get a 4 door luxury sedan with a big ol' V8 if you're worried about room for luggage.

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