I want to do sports?

I'm top 2 in class. But I can't help but feel bad because I'm already in 10th grade but I can't do sports. Everybody else but me is good with it.
I am physically able, and I am very interested with basketball, soccer and volleyball, but I don't know how to play so I can't participate in school activities. I have a suitor (whom I also admire so much) who is very athletic and good with almost every sports but I don't have the guts to ask him to teach me. I mean, what would he do? And besides that, my parents seem to dislike him and complain when they see him with me, they're pretty strict.
What should I do?


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  • Ballroom dance lessons are both a sport & accepted everywhere.
    If you can walk, you can "dance" ... yes, it's that easy.
    Over time, it will be a natural movement, open social doors, teach etiquette, enlarge circle of nice friends.
    Ballroom is not stuffy and includes a range... from tango to salsa, waltz to swing, even C&W versions.