Okay I need some serious advice about what to do for my best friend?

This guy and i have been best friends for almost 4 years. Well we did everything together and he was actually going to move in my house. He was in love with me and I was him too but I wasn't admitting to it, because my ex and him are great friends and i wasn't ready for a relationship. Well we still went to a lot of events and know everything about eachother. well he got with this nasty girl and i wasn't happy and what really upset me is he told me a guy injected him at a party with heroin. well his sister told me its a lie he's been using it that really hurt that he lied to me and I pretty much told him i didn't want to see him again. Well his nasty bitch girlfriend called me freaking out because she thought he was going to kill himself so e being nice i went to his sisters house and told him she is freaking out and she hates the fact that her boyfriend is a heroin addict and then he told me he's also on meth he wasn't to happy to see me.. but then he ran from me, I stole my moms keys without being legal or having a license and an hour drive to make sure he was okay and ran out because he was pissed at her. So i messaged and told him to fuck out and idc what he does because he was being an immature asshole and a dick to me when I came to check and make sure he was okay and I could be in serious trouble... I am upset he read the message didn't reply and he's not even the same guy... I am crushed.. I am crying i dont know what to say or do. I am straight laced i dont do anything I dont care when others do but i even told him idc that he's on all of it. someone please help... I dont know what to do.


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  • I can understand you being unhappy with him about lying, and you need to figure out how you want to handle that... However, you cannot be mad at him for being with another girl when you rejected him, and lied to him about not feeling the same way.

    • i am not mad he was with her, I am mad she got him hooked on meth and he lied.. He told me yesterday that he's in a mental hospital and to stay away he's crazy he refused to call me because he said I gave up on him. I told him why I acted that way that day and I asked him not to do anything stupid and he read it still no reply yet.. I don't know what to do. Then his now ex girlfriend that's been with him for 2 months said she loves him so much and can't walk away from him. I really don't kknow where to go from here.

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