Can anyone help me with my writing assignment? PLEASE? Don't mean the caps on please, but it's urgent?

I always tend to have writers block, and I was told to write a four paged paper comapring and contrasting using either Beowulf, or A Good Man is Hard to Find. I decided to do an essay on Beowulf ( only because I didn't get the chance to read the other one due to a family issue ) and the roles of the anfo saxon women had, compared to the women of today (United States) i kist don't know. This is soo hard!!! But what theme can I write a persuasive essay on? How can I enable myself to write four pages, using MLA format, and referring to the purdue owl website? It's just so hard to understand. Please...😳


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  • Pick something you feel you can successfully support with examples. Just off the top of my head, you could look at the roles Anglo-Saxon women had in and out of the household vs what modern American women do. An interesting angle would be the role that the rest of the community played in raising and looking after children. Nowadays, people tend not to know their neighbours whereas over a thousand years ago, communities were much smaller and more close-knit.

    I hope that helps you. Four pages double-spaced isn't very much at all once you're on a roll...


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  • Well if it's about Beowulf movie/story and stuff then look up background info on Beowulf ( the Original story ). When was it written? Who was it about? What country was it written? If you know that then you can figure out what the women's role were compared to the women of today. Dedicate a small intro to what beowulf is about, when it was written etc, Then write down how these women/people lived and the role women had. Then write down how today women (in the usa) live and what role they have. Last compare it, and maybe kick in some pro's and con's on both roles.

    Sorry I don't know what purdue owl is :P

    Good luck!