Do you collect anything?

Do you collect anything?

Yes? Want to share some photos?

Im NOT this dude xD
No one colects anything?


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  • When I was younger, I used to collect Digimon stuff and also Manga.

    Now, I collect stationary & artist stuff (which I think is related since I became interested in art because of Manga). Like all kinds of colours, paints, papers, card boards, brushes, pens, pencils, architecture tools for sketching, brush cleansers, glue, ribbons.. etc.

    Well, you can imagine what happens if I go to a stationary store. If you are with me, I advise you to leave and do whatever business you have because I won't get out of there only after hours. I am like a raven that can't resist the sight of colors lol. That is why I try to resist and not go there because I want to save money so I can buy other stuff (maybe artisy stuff too). xD

    • ahahaha, yes yes i understand that urge. Welcome to paradise :p
      Some places just makes us explore every little corner. Thats good...

      Do you use deviantart? I dont use it, but i do like to see stuff there.

    • Yeah, exactly it is a paradise. *shiny eyes*

      Well, I created an account there long time ago, because I like to see stuff there too, but I don't know why I didn't post stuff there and switched to Instagram. It has been a long time since I posted any art piece online too. xD

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  • WTF is that yours? NeverThirsty. com

    • Noooo thats not me lol. I don't collect anything now, but thinkung about collecting seeds and rare plants and meteorites lo

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  • I used to collect rocks. Not even kidding.

    • I did that too, very cool. There are some really amazing rocks. i would like too explore and pick some gems too.

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