So Hillary Clinton and this e-mail server; what do you think?

Those of you familiar with the story; what do you think? Do we give her a pass on it or do you think her campaign is critically wounded?

  • Let her go. I'm tired of hearing about it already.
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  • She fucked up. Not sure she can recover from this
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  • I hate politics
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  • I don't really care.


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  • just let her go.


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  • other politicians have done the same. the only reason it's AS big a deal as has been made of it is because she is a female candidate who is leading her party for the nominee.

    sara pallin did the same and lots of congressman have done the same. Is it a big deal? It truly depends on the nature of what emails she sent. if they were truly classified then it could be a major security issue but it doesn't sound like that there have been any issues... to me it's a data point to collect but ultimately not as important has her stance on the issues versus other candidates

  • I think people who already disliked her will simply add this to their pile of justification, without questioning whether or not it is a legitimate concern. And those who are already resigned to liking her will ignore it as irrelevant, again without questioning whether or not it is a legitimate concern. Such is the nature of our politics in this country.. It's impossible to believe any news source, because they all have a bias. So, of course they are only going to say the things that enforce their bias.

    • Personally I'm in the camp where I think she fucked up; but I don't really care I'd still vote for her over any of the nutty Republicans. If it is uncovered that she shared classified information from it then that's pretty stupid of her. Do I think she personally knew better, probably, at a bare minimum whoever she hired to setup/run the thing should have known better too. So the whole situation is kind of shady which apparently is a Clinton tradition. That being said I still feel she's the better candidate for the job as opposed to anyone else I've seen running thus far. I never really cared when Bill Clinton got sucked off in office; that was a huge cluster fuck over nothing. Dude ran the country rather successfully for a long time; if one of his staffers wants to blow him while he's taking care of business; hey more power to him.

  • Bernie 2016

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