What's your favorite game on your ps4 or Xbox one if you have one?


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  • I kinda got hooked on destiny, but haven't played in months, kinda disappointed in this gens games so far.

    • I haven't bought one since I don't have the money and because there are like no games that stand out to me. I just wanna play the rare replay and I want to play halo 5. That's the only game that would get me to buy an Xbox

    • I got the master chief collection... mehh... waiting on 5 but not expecting much cause I don't like the games much since 363 took over

    • I played halo 4 last year for the first time and it was decent. I certainly liked halo 3 and 2 way way better. I like that everyone starts out with the same weapon online in halo 5 like they used to do before halo 4

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