Why do biracial black men use black women just for sex why? all my black sister out There and brother pls help even whites both gender?

Ok im à black women now. And i have notice that biracial black men are not attracted to black women at all no matter how beautiful , intelligent you are they just use you as an sex object and always Marry white women and i feel sad for us black women How CAN that be and its happen to me too why dors that happening?


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  • dont generalize

    • Hmm of curse i generalize most biracial black men uses black women for sex and guest what that black woman CAN be beautiful and you have just average white woman he would go out with the white woman and uses black woman for sex i know alors of biracial black men who does that and one i dated told me that or are you biracial?

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  • I don't think race has anything to do with it.

    • Of course race is something real but when you are white like you you are just ignored!!!

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  • Really? Well from my experience biracial men love black women they like dark skinned women.

    • In the Black Community no they dont like Black women is just to use them for sex and from my experience no they dont like us.

    • Oh I see. Interesting my cousin light skin with green eyes love dark women. Maybe ur community and mine different. Don't lose hope. They did love dark women trust me

  • Hmmm. This is interesting. I wonder if there are some biracial men on here and what they have to say about this. Usually us black guys are always catching flack. Not so much the biracial ones. I watch. I watch.

    • Yes i hope to brother with my experieenced biracial men uses black women just for sex since this myth we are good in Bed and so on and they have feelings for white women and even one biracial Guy i dated told me that and at that time i understood black women have to stay only with black guys

    • Black women don't have to stay with black guys.

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