How should I ask her to homecoming and make it unforgettable in front of an entire lunch period? Should I do it or not?

Ok so. There is this girl in the high school that is a freshman this year. Homecoming is coming up and I want to ask her if a way she would never forget. And im debating if I wanna do it in front of an entire lunch period. If I do do that and she says yes that'd probably be the cutest thing ever but what if she says no. Then we got everyone in that lunch period either booing or saying awe because I tried. I don't have a job. I get child support from my mother but its only like 26 30 bucks. So I can't get her a ring or anything. Flowers I could definitely do. I'm just really nervous because she is absolutely stunning. Her eyes could make someone pass out. I don't even know if she has a boyfriend. But still can y'all help me out?


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  • Find out if she has a boyfriend before you do anything else, otherwise this could be a pretty awkward experience. You don't need to put her in the spotlight with an audience to make it unforgettable either, nor buy her jewellery. Flowers is a nice touch though. Get creative with it, but keep it low-key. Good luck young sir!

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