How to make myself cry?

Crying always makes me feel a little better, but I haven't been able to cry in over a year.. I just don't care enough anymore. I'm incredibly lonely, don't really have any friends.. any time I try to make friends in real life, it fails. Whenever I try a website like this or reddit or whatever, people hate me, just like in real life. I'm miserable and I want to cry, but I can't. How can I make myself cry so I can feel a little better?


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  • I don't know man, I'm not really a crier either. Maybe if you tried watching a sad film..

    I'm so sorry that you're so sad though. I know what it's like to have no friends, I'm sorry that you have to feel like that :( . Please don't feel like no-one cares though.

    I know one day you will find someone who loves you so much it will make you forget what it was like to be this miserable.

    Hang in there <3


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  • Rub chili peppers with your finger tips and then poke yourself in the eye, works everytime!


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  • Watch a sad movie?


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