What category do u use the most on GAGs when u ask a question?

Like if you were to go back to your profile & see all the questions u have ever asked on this website, what category do you use the most to ask ur questions? (Dating/relationship, flirting, sexual behavior, & etc.)

Also, what category are u most likely to give ur opinion on? I know sometimes people only comment on certain categories they know about or feel comfortable with. Like, for example, if u never been married, u wouldn't comment on the divorce & break up section.

So two questions, What category do u use the most when asking Your questions? And what category do u use the most when commenting on Others questions? :)

I'll put a poll for the first question but please explain ur answers. :)

  • Relationships, flirting, & Dating
    Vote A
  • Girls & Guys behavior
    Vote B
  • Marriage & Break up
    Vote C
  • Sexual health & behavior,
    Vote D
  • Heath & finess or how do I look
    Vote E
  • Others (family &friends, entertainment, education/career, & etc.)
    Vote F
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly it's some ridiculous questions. I'm not even sure what it falls under.

    There should be a ridiculous category


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm always using other. Majority of the time I make questions that are supposed to be fun and interesting. Since there are a lot of boring and repeated questions majority of the time. So I try to make it like a break from that. Though I guess a lot of things most people don't care about sadly. :(


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