I can't get birth control until October 14th?

I've been wanting to be on birth control since February. I've been begging my mom since winter. And it's not for having sex (my mom knows this). My mom finally made me an appointment for the gynecologist today. They can't get me in until October 14th!!! Homecoming is October 17th. I'm suppose to go to homecoming this year but I have acne on my back so I don't wanna wear a dress with this problem so I was hoping I could start birth control now to get rid of it/ clear it up by next month. I've tried everything for my back but nothing has worked. What should I do, cancel homecoming? Is there any way I can get on birth control sooner? Are there any secret ways to clear up my back within a month? Please help. This is really upsetting me


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  • Cancel homecoming? Are you crazy girl? Over some acne? Have you considered that birth control might not work either?

    Anyway, no one will notice your acne problem, it's all in your head. Especially if it is not on your face.

    You can try putting matters in your own hands and make some calls. I don't know where you are from but I think some places don't require you to be an adult to get it on your own.

    I understand that you want clear skin on your homecoming night, but don't let it stress you out. The only way that will ruin your night is by being silly and worrying about it ruining your night at night.


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  • Oh no! I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Acne is the worst! I feel your pain because I was there once too! It sucks a lot!

    The only thing you can do is see about going to a health clinic. Maybe they can get you on birth control sooner. A lot of times they even have samples to give out for free. Just go in, explain your situation and they will more than likely help you out.

    You don't necessarily have to see the gyno before you get on birth control. You just have to see a regular physician who can prescribe this for you. Most health clinics have doctors which can do that. Just explain you are seeing your gyno in a month, but want to get on bc to help clear up that acne.

    You may also be able to get some acne medication or wipes prescribed to you as well. I was on Clindets and they seemed to work well. They come in both a cream and a wipe. I used the cream, but it's very drying. The wipes work much better! I use those now. There are also other brands most likely that are available to you too.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate the suggestion I'll have to look into this soon!!

    • Thanks for MHO! :) I hope this helped and wish you all the best!

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  • Birth control has the possibility of clearing up acne it's not a guarantee, I've been on it for a few months now and I still get breakouts. Try getting a body wash designed to treat acne, Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Body Wash is great for body acne.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. Also when you first started birth control did it give you a bad break out on your face?

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    • Okay that makes sense. Thank you so much

    • You're so welcome! Best wishes. <3

  • Find a dress that covers your back, so the acne can't be seen.

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