Who's your favourite chef?

I love cooking and I absolutely adore watching cooking shows on TV. I've got loads of copies of them on DVD.

My personal favourite is Gordon Ramsay. His food is amazing, and he doesn't beat around the bush with food, it's simple but really tasty and flavourful... He also doesn't really specialise in anything, he does mains, starters and desserts.

What's yours?


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  • I don't follow specific chefs, but Gordon Ramsay is one of my favorites too.
    I used to hear about him since I was a kid.
    Aside from his skills in cooking, he is actually a good TV host.

  • -Jamie Oliver
    -Gordon Ramsey
    -Manu Fediel
    -Miguel Maestre
    -Justine Schofield
    -heston blumenthal

  • Hiroyuki Sakai - he was the french cuisine specialist on Iron Chef japan. his dishes look tasty and he peels an apple like a badass

    i also like Martha Stewart. yeah, she's snobby and went to prison, but her recipes have a homey feel which i love. i'm more into her baked goods.

  • I really like Jamie Oliver, even though everyone seems to dislike him. He really intensified my love of cooking. He makes everything so simple, so starting out isn't so daunting.

    • I don't really like Jamie, I'm sorry. He's a bit of a, forgive the French, tosser and he's more there for the show rather than the cooking.

    • Yeah, this is pretty much the response I always get. But I like him. I know he doesn't necessarily showcase any authentic cooking skills, but he's just such a nice guy lol.

    • Ultimately you're there for the food. Gordon is a bit of a prick, but he's hilarious and very good with food.

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