Do you think it's bad or weird that I love everyone?

I do mean everyone, and there's nothing that can change it.

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  • Everyone should be like you bro, the world would be a much more better place! Love you too;)


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think that's a nice thought, but loving everyone can make you entirely vulnerable to a lot of crooks and worse in life. It may seem like a beautiful place to live, but it's not a safe place to be.

  • I voted yes because I think it's weird.
    Nobody loves everyone. 😱

    • Not in THAT way, if that's what you mean. Lol.

    • I didn't mean it in that way :o
      I just never Met anyone who likes everybody...
      There's always that special anoying person who makes you crumble your toes 😖

    • I love everyone, but I don't *like* everyone. However, there's no one I don't like because I find them annoying; morals have to do with me not liking some people.

What Guys Said 3

  • I love everybody too!

    ... some I love to be around, some I love to avoid, and others I'd love to punch in the face.

  • I admire it and I'm not trying to insult you, but it's bad, it means you're weak and vulnerable. All it takes is the right person to recognise your weakness and they will abuse it.

  • Stay safe while loving everyone. It is dangerous. It's not bad but dangerous emotionally.

    • I don't LIKE everyone, if that's what you mean.

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    • I wouldn't say that I'm *attached* to every single person, but I still care for them. If that makes sense.

    • I get it. As long as you don't expect anything, ANYTHING (little acknowledgement, thanks, good behaviour with you etc) in return from 'everyone' then it's okay :)

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