What its like being christian?

i feel like i should I've in my opinion on what its like.
most churches dont talk about not beliving in jesus your going in hell. im christian and im not homophobic, im christian and i ahve friends from other relgions, like jewish and muslim and athiest, they are my best friends, im christian and i listern to christion music, its really cool, im christian and im 100% not perfect, im christian and i do go to church on sundays, and my youth group, im christian and i do belive in science, in fact i think the science part is preatty cool, it makes God seem amazing. Im christian and to be honest im still trying to live life like everyone else.


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  • WOW 😲
    I'm Christian is what a common thing in your description... very confusing what you wanna say 😶?

    • I think that it's about that as Christians we actually have similar views to none Christians on some things

    • Thanks for MHO 😊

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  • most churches? isn't it a bit of an exaggeration when you haven't been to most churches?

    well i find being christian in this world pretty easy, but of course it has many challenges also. i love that it guides my morals and helps me realise that I'm not one who wants to follow the crowd, even though of course, many atheists think of religious people as sheep.

    it gives me something to live for.