Hey people, new to this site?

Hey people, new to this site?
Hello! I'm new here (duh obviously lol), randomly scrolled through Google search and this site appeared, signed up because of curiosity xD So would just like to get to know y'all (:

Is there anything I should beware of this site? Would like to get to know things beforehand.

Thanks people, I hope we get along well (:
~ mrsyQ.


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  • Beware not to get addicted and hooked on this site 24/7!!😂

    • Haha okay I will 😂

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    • @CapricornSwagL that's extremely true! The community is pretty awesome.

    • Haha agreed! Haven't been here long so lets see how it is in about... 2 months

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  • Welcome to GAG! A friendly bunch, with occasional spats! Watch out for random guys PMing you asking intimate questions. If they become a nuisance, just delete the conversation and then block them. I tend not to use the block facility unless I really have to. You can also make your profile private, but again, I don't want to unless I really have to. There's always the option of reporting them to admin.

    Moderators and admin are pretty fair, but read the hepl pages so you don't go wrong.

    Again, welcome to the site of "rate my dick"!


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  • Hi, if you haven't already, check out the information guide in your profile so you get a good understanding of how the site works, and what you can, and can't do. There are creeps on here, but not many, but you can block anyone giving you hassle if they do. Overall there is loads of genuine people on here, so welcome 😀


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