Car Financing, yay or nay?

I want and need a car to get from point A to point B, since I can't depend on my granmas car anymore, and wanted to know if taking out a loan is good enough. I might not be able to anyway, considering I'm 18 and the interest rates are probably ridiculous, but I'm just going in to check. I can't take my mom, granma, or dad with me as they're hours away in the next city over (which is also where my transportation issues comes into play) to give me a good image.

Thing is: I requested my employer give me enough hours to make at least $150 and he informed me that the minimum hours I can possibly work and still be there will ensure that, as I've done some simple math and realized I'll make double that amount but not enough for a car.

Reason I want one, some might ask, is because of my brothers to be honest. I still don't trust my mom and it'll be nice to go see them every now and then and not twice a year. I just can't do that comfortably.

So basically, is getting a simple, $2,000-$2,500 loan good or not? I asked about interest rates and have asked over the phone and have gotten decent numbers, something I can pay off and still have enough money to survive until the next pay check.


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  • You appear like you have a good business head on your young shoulders, @CityBoy773, and with This, I see the sure signs that you do Need... A car.
    If you see the figures are Reading with no problem, you can afford this car, also bear in mind, extra money for not only gas but also for any repairs and maintenance which costs more of a bottom buck fact of life.
    However, what I am reading here, dear, is that 'I'll make double that amount but not enough for a car.' In your own words, you are saying on the other hand, that you are willing to stretch the dollar and Later... Holler?
    Perhaps start out slow and save a 1000 dollars you can even borrow and go on Craig's list and buy a nice car. My family has bought a few off of this and have had great luck, which means it doesn't always have to be Pot luck.
    Do as your pockets can tell you to do and don't put the 100 dollar idea altogether in your back pocket.
    One way or another, I do see you should only depend on yourself and like my grandparents have done for me when alive, they even helped, from time to time and passed me the buck.
    Good luck. xx

    • I was told to avoid Craigs list and honestly, my family has not had any lucky with it.

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    • Well I'm looking at Craigslist now since nobody in their sane mind would give a half-broke college student a loan. So I'm busy trying to find a beater that'll hopefully last a year (just so I can work part-time at a delivery place).

    • Good thinking... My own family with 2 cousins recently went on Craig's list just to have a winter rat to bum around in and lucked out with two nice cars and very little maintanance and they love these... Honda Civic and Mitibishi Galante. xxoo

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  • I think you should look in to a small personal loan. Car finance is loaded with all these little fees etc and not just the APR. I went for a loan for mine and I pay only 4% interest. My partner got his on finance and is paying back a whopping 18% interest, he may as well have put it on a credit card for that!!!

    Please look in to a personal loan option from a bank rather than car finance :)


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  • My home excepted, as long as I don't have enough cash to pay it, I don't buy it.

  • No buy the whole thing c'mn rich boy

  • Make sure you consider all costs involved in owning a car.

    Car insurance for a used car here with a primary driver being an 18 year old male could be as high as 500 a month if the first year driving.

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