For all my fellow petrol heads, what is your favourite anticipated car for the next 4 years?

mine would have to be the 2017 ford GT, that thing is beautiful.
Can be any sort of car


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  • The next Focus RS as we are buying one :)


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  • The ford GT does look stellar! but the successor to the Veyron is what i am excited for! Bugatti have already started developing/testing it.

    hopefully we can see it in the next 4 years

    • the chiron? very poor design though
      now if they could actually make the veyron vision gt, other than tone it down.
      that would be a worthy successor

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    • haha, in dynamic mode the car erupts its crazy!!! it becomes a whole new machine!

    • thanks for the mho!
      car technology is getting crazy!!

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  • ZX-10R or H2

  • I desperately wanted the rumours/hoax about GM bring back the Pontiac Trans Am for 2015 to be true.

    • The 'new' Trans Am i saw looked like some geezer tried to make a chevy camaro and trans am love child.
      didn't work out ahaha

    • They do 'exist', in the form of a customised Camaro. It makes sense, given the Camaro and Firebird were always sisters.

      GM made a big mistake killing Pontiac, it had a very loyal following. GM figured they'd just move to Chevrolet but instead many who preferred the more aggressive styling of Pontiac went to Dodge.