Does allergy medicine make you look better as well as making u feel better?

Will the allergy medicine take way the dark circles and red eyes and stuff caused by allergies


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  • It will reduce the symptoms slightly but the main use of allergy medication is to chemically stop the body internally fighting against the allergen so the outer effects of an allergy may improve but then again they may not, depends on the severity.

    • its not severe really

    • There are eye drops you can use for red eyes and once your body chills out and stops going in to overdrive the other external symptoms will wear off. Benadryl is good

    • I swear allergies are such a pain... I thought the allergy season was over too.. guess not. thanks for your answer.

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  • I don't think so.
    I took one or two once and it only relieved my skin and made me sleepy.

    • oh ok thanks for your answer.

  • if its caused by allergies then yes.


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