Do you find that the more someone is not replying to you?

The more you want a reply from them?
Why is this?

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  • I'm the opposite. It makes me want to ignore them forever when they finally text me back because in the inside I feel like they aren't really interested and playing with my emotions. Even if they weren't, I'll still feel that way


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What Guys Said 1

  • it's usually very off putting for me, if a girl is not replying that much to my text or takes too long to reply that is an instant attraction killer for me


What Girls Said 2

  • For me specifically - it was true before. Now I don't like those games.
    It's the 'I want to prove to myself I am desirable so if he doesn't contact me soon that means I'm not, i'll wait forever or maybe contact him myself just to prove myself right.'
    Or an ego boost...

  • It's totally true!

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