And Gift Card Battle part II?

Part II here…

Rules r pretty simple…. u’ve got 24 hrs (startin after this question’s been posted) to name a DRINK startin from each letter…so in total 26 different drinks...

Also once u post yer opinion…. u CAN’T comment back to add another drink u missed…. also don’t try to copy someone else’s list… ;)

If nobody reaches 26 drinks in total…. then I win…

And Gift Card Battle part II?

anything dat's considered "drinkable" for humans...
or better... anythin dat's marketed as a drink...


Most Helpful Girl

  • a- apple juice
    b- beer
    c- cranberry juice
    d- dr pepper
    e- expresso coffee
    f- frappucino
    g- gatorade
    h- hot chocolate
    i- iced tea
    j- jack daniels ;)
    k- kiwi-strawberry juice
    l- lemonade
    m- mango juice
    n- nesquik chocolate milk
    o- orange juice
    p- pink lemonade
    q- quince juice?
    r- root beer
    s- sprite
    t- tequila
    u- ugly fruit smoothie
    v- vodka
    w- watermelon iced tea
    x- xyz cocktail
    y- yogurt
    z- zucchini apple banana smootie

    damn klaatu you made me think :(

    • yogurt's a drink?

      anyway good job... but unfortunatelydangerdoge came first... :/

    • nm... u'll just win MHO... ;p

    • it's okay i just wanted to play xD

Most Helpful Guy

  • a- apple juice
    b- beer
    c- coke
    d- dr. pepper
    e- egg nog
    f- fruice
    g- green tea
    h- hot chocolate
    i- iced tea
    j- juicy juice
    k- kool-aid
    l- lemonade
    m- milk
    n- naked lady
    o- orange juice
    p- poitin
    q- queen bee
    r- rootbeer float
    s- sprite
    t- tea
    u- ugly oompa loompah
    v- vitamin water
    w- water
    x - Christmas n July
    y - yellow bellied sap sucker
    z- zulu
    If I win I don't want card - Give it to someone else


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What Girls Said 1

  • Ok, so I was just trying to do this in my head after I read your question because i'm bored and when I got to C, I thought of "cum"... for some reason. Then I thought does cum count as a drink in this situation lol

    • it's not marketed as a drink though...

    • I know lol but I couldn't stop thinking laughing at it. Also cranberry juice is like one of my favorite drinks.

What Guys Said 2

  • I'll try and name ones different ones then already mentioned. Note-- There are TONS of alcohol mixes and cocktails in this that I'm not mentioning...
    A - (apple juice), Apple cider, A&W root beer, Agua Vida (bottled water), Apricot smoothie/punch, Assam tea, Alcohol, Ale, Amaretto

    B - (Beer) Blackberry juice, Banana milkshake, Boyseberry Freeze, Berry Punch, Bottled Water, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice-- ok maybe that last one wasn't a drink.

    C - (coke) Coffee, Cola, Chocolate shake/malt, My personal favorite : CHOCOLATE MILK :O, Cherryade, Cherry coke/juice/limeade, Country Time lemonade, Crush soda, Captain Morgan rum, Coors Beer, Cream Soda, Capri sun

    D - (Dr. Pepper), Diet 7up/Coke/Dr. Pepper, Dasani (bottled water), Deja blue (bottled water), Dr. Brown's soda, Dr. Enuf (lemon lime soda), Dry Martini, Daiquiri

    E - (Eggnog), Egg cream, espresso, eskimo punch, E&J (brandy), Elderberry wine, Evian (bottled water), Earl Grey Tea

    F - (fruice), Fanta, Fuzzy Navel, Fruit Punch, Fruit Juice, Faygo, Frappuccino

    G - (Green Tea), Ginger Ale, Grape Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Gatorade, Gold Peak (tea), Grapico (soda), Green River (soda), Ganja Juice, Georgia Peach Cocktail, Gin

    H - (Hot chocolate), Hawaiian Punch, H20 (aka water), Herbal Tea, H-bomb, hi-C cola, Hires Root beer

    I - (Iced Tea), Ice Cream Float... Hmm... there's not much non alcoholic 'i' drinks, so I'll post a link with all the various cocktails/alcoholic drinks--

    J - (Juicy Juice), Jack Daniels, Jamaica Rum, Jolt Cola, Java, Jambalaya Juice

    K - (kook-aid), Kahlua, then the alcoholic beverages: Kir, Kamikazi, Kiwiti, Kersch, Killians

    L - (Lemonade), Latte, Lime Juice, Lipton Tea, Liquor, Lilt (soda), Lemon shooters, Lychee wine, lemongrass tea, light beer, limeade, long island ice tea (<-- my siter's personally favorite drink lol)

    M - (Milk), Mai Tai, Margarita, Martini, Mojito, Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer, Monster Energy Drinks, Minute Maid

    N - (naked Lady), Nestea iced tea, Nectar, Nestle Quick, Neopolitan ice cream (at least melted ice cream haha), Anything else nestle, oooh nestle chocolate milk... yum

    O - (orange juice), orange soda, oasis (bottled water), Orangina, ozarka (bottled water), OK soda, Old Yeller, Ouzo liquor, Olvi cola

    P - Uhh pee? LOL. Parisian punch, peppermint cocktail, pink lady, Pina Colada

    Q - Qoo (soda), Quatro (fizzy drink), Quencher, Quwat Jabal (middle east soft drink)
    Out of characters. Will finish in a comment... one moment...

    • Wtf happened to my list :O

      R - (Rootbeer float) Rum, Rum'n coke/pepsi, Red Bull, RC Cola, Raspberry coke/kool-aid/punch, Red Lemonade, Red Wine, Raspberry Tea, Royale Coffee

      S - (sprite), Sam's choice (soda), Seven Up (aka 7up), Strawberry juice/kool-aid/milk/punch, Sun kist, Sweet tea, Scotch, Screwdriver cocktail, SunnyD

      T - Tea, Tequila, Tab soda, Tonic, Tomato Juice, Tango Martini Cocktail

      U - Urge (soda), urun (soda, uva postobon (columbian soda), Utopia, Ugandan Ginger Tea, "Ugly Virgin," unicorn Cocktail

      V - (Vitamin water), V8, Vio (bottled water), Viva! (bottled water), vanilla oke, Vermouth, Vault soda, Vodka, Vrigin drinks (alcohol free ones)

      W - (water), Wine, whisky, white dragon, white lady

      X - (x-mas in july), Xaviera, XYZ Cocktail, Xeres Cocktail, Xango, Xocai, Xigua juice (?)

      Y - Yellowtail (wine), yellow hurricane, Yoghurt (I've had stuff that is so runny it is kinda a drink?)

      Z - (zulu) Zam Zam Cola, Zaraza, Zingo, Zip, Zorro's Revenge, Zadarade

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    • well i issued a challenge and i lost... so...

    • Fair enough. I shall not oppose a giftcard lol.

  • What defines a "drink"? Mixed alcoholic drinks? Sodas? Technically, I can drink zebra blood, does that count?

    • anything dat's considered "drinkable" for humans...