Why did this girl go out of her way to lie to me about getting back with her ex boyfriend?

I messaged her on Facebook I admit it but i never told her I want her ex boyfriend. In fact when I messaged her I blocked and deleted his number months ago. I don't even talk to the guy anymore and I never dated her ex.

So she messages me and when I ignore her she starts messaging me a lot of stuff like telling me her and her ex are working on getting back together she even sends me a screenshot of his name and the amount of time she tells me she's on the phone with him now, she blocks me and then when I tell her from another account explaining that I don't want him and that I blocked and deleted his number months she tells me she lied about trying to get back with him. Then after she blocks me she messages me again from her friend's Facebook account. So I message her directly from the other Facebook account and then I block her and delete my other account


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  • she's jealous i think.

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