Does anyone take sleeping pills if so please read details and and tell me if this is normal?

Ok I take two pills that I get that I was prescribed a prescription from my doctor and I also take a nature pill that anyone can buy from like Walmart that you don't need a prescription for but I take three of one pill that each pill is one milligram and I take a half a pill of one milligram and then I take a three milligram pill which is the natural pill but last night I woke up at three am and my light was on and my lamp light was on so I didn't even look at the clock I thought shit I'm late for school but I turned my light off and my lamp light off an hour before I went to bed and so I did realize that it was three am but I woke up late this morning also and I've been taking all of these meds for three years now and this is the first time anything like this has happen so its kind of scary and I used to scream and cry and talk in my sleep and get really bad dreams and you can die in your dreams and my dreams feel real and sometimes I would wake up from the dreams and if I got a cut in my dream something's I would have that same cut when I woke up and I just started getting those bad dreams again and I was three when I started taking meds so my parents got really scared about me having this happen but yesterday I had a bad dream and I have asma and when I woke up I could hardly breathe and this morning I could hardly breathe and my parents will say they woke me up and I said ok I'm getting up or something and I don't remember ever saying that. So is this normal?


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  • Sorry, I read through this and I just can't understand what you are trying to say. If you are concerned and you got the prescription from the doctor then call the dr's office and ask them.

    If you are saying that it seems like you are sleepwalking or something to that effect that is a side effect of some prescription sleeping pills like ambien.

    If you say you are oversleeping then you need to discuss that with the dr as well.


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