Any wattpaders out here?

I'd like to make more reader/writing-friends and since wattpad is THE reading/writing site of this generation (currently), maybe I can find some more "friends" here too?

My name on wattpad is: Draclyn


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  • mine is brainal_penetration

    I'm going to post a story on there eventually, but I'm only halfway done with it..

    • We all start with a first try (: what is it about?

    • hard to summarize without giving anything away.. hm. I would say it's about immortals searching for mortality, but it's a bit sexually graphic..

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  • I'm on wattpad but haven't been active in a while. My writing needs a looooot of work. I'll check out your stuff...

    • Don't all of our scripts? It's not like we have editors who help us with it...

      What do you write about?

      And thanks for taking a look!

    • I write mainly horror and fantasy sometimes mixed with romance.

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