Girls, why am I so unlucky?

I just feel so sad inside. No female views me more than an aquaintance. So do guys. I have a few friends, but only one is female, and we all will go to college soon (I start on 24). Why was I born, if I have few friends, and no gf? No female wants nothing to do with me existence and its having me questioning my life. I talk to people, but they have their cliques, and don't look for new friends I try to understand the dating scene and social rules. I approach women (which is brave for an autistic guy like me), but always remain a classmate. Even the female friend in my group doesn't hang with me unless we all hang as a group. I feel jealous when I see guys uglier than me get gfs or when I see a guy get all the ladies. Cliques also hurt my ability to make friends. I guess being Indian, 5 foot 8, 160 lbs, and not too muscular is a bad thing! I smile and say hi, and act confident, yet I'm blown off. My only hobbies are video games and movies, and will study comp sci.


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  • you'll find someone!


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