Have you met someone on here that you enjoy talking to?

I have a few people on here. Some make me happy or others make me laugh. Some are so sweet I wish I met half of them in person. But I just feel like in person some people just don't open up enough to let anyone in. And sometimes I can be that person too. But I want to say THANK YOU to one of my true friends on here @Iron_Man.


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  • Aww thank you so much Hun you're the best, a real true friend

    • You are truly a great friend, you are a pleasure to talk to

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    • Thank you so much for MH

    • Yes me and Ran are good friends for sure

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  • Yes. Being this is my second day here a lot of people messaged me. Some were cool while others wanted something (weirdos). I love talking to this one guy that messaged me more than the rest. We actually talked all day today. He's a total sweetheart. He lives FAR though :( but hopefully we can remain the way we are

    • Well so happy for you there are some really nice people on here. I use to talk to this one person all the time but for some reason the person is acting a little weird so I left the person alone. Well nice to meet you I am the one and only PrettyRican on this site welcome to GAG. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    • Thank You so much you are beautiful yourself πŸ’œ. Lets be friends!!

    • Lol awww thanks and sure I'll love to be friends

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