Depression looming ahead, how do I avoid it?

After getting fired from a job I worked so hard to acquire after only 2 months of work, I'm back to square one. I have enough money saved up that I can pay rent for several months. I applied for unemployment and I'm waiting for the government to evaluate and respond. When I was fired I was applying for jobs like crazy, but now I'm losing hope and enthusiasm. I don't wanna hang out with my friends because I'm ashamed being fired, and they'll want to talk about work. I can't date anyone right now because I have really bad game when my confidence is non existant.

When I'm depressed I'm super unproductive and self destructive. I won't take any pills or psychiatric medications because I hate the side affects. How can I bring my spirits back up and be more productive once again?


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  • Short term focussed therapy can help you get over this. Good luck!


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  • A good first step is not planning on being depressed.

    • Good, I think I'm on step 1

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