Home coming, prom, sophomore... kinda confuse. What do they mean?

I know this question is really weird. In my country and west Africa as a whole, we don't do all that. So I'm confuse. High school is called secondary school here. And all we have in it senior students and junior students. Junior students are always loyal to their seniors else they might be punished. Back to my question. What is sophormore, fresh man, senior, prom, home coming? And are there others i need to know?


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  • freshman is first year of high school, sophomore is second year, junior 3rd and senior 4th.

    Prom and Home Coming are dances. Prom is something that celebrates the end of summer term (usually this is a senior leaving thing although Juniors are invited also) and Homecoming is a welcome back dance for the new academic year :)

  • they are just dances.