Beer goggle laser surgery, would you?

alright if you watched the movie then you know whats up, if you didn't here's the breakdown. you have a chance to see inner beauty on the outside permanently. do you do it? and lets just say you can't go back.

now your friends might judge you like Mauricio did, but would you honestly give a shit if the girls all looked like super models who want you.

scenario applies to girls too.

  • fuck yeah in a heartbeat
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  • nah i can't deal with third party perspective
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  • well... here look..
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  • i can't think man those girls dancing are hot af 😂
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  • I would because it would save me lots of time trying to see if that's a good person or not. And that would also probably mean that your true age doesn't show right? So I'm down for that!😉

    Mauricio has a doggy tail. He shouldn't judge! 😝

    • hahaa! you know what I can't believe, that girl Linda actually liked Mauricio! like damn she was so fine. its just a movie but it gave me hope bahahaa 😂

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    • Thanks for MHGirl. 😘😜 Haha.

    • you know it hahaa

Most Helpful Guy

  • fuck that but jack's dancing was on point.

    • that chicken dance move was fucking hilarrr

    • i would be busting that out in the club tomorrow, thats for sure.
      It should come with a disclaimer: Caution ladies, this dance may cause panties to drop and privates to moisten

    • man I wish more people would dance like that, it looks way more fun than dry humping hahaa

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What Girls Said 5

  • i have seen the movie.. and well.. look.. this feels a bit deceiving.. i mean.. i want to see the person as he or she really is.. i don't like to live in illusion.. :/

    • such a funny movie.

      Tony Robinson might argue that you are living in a world of illusion today, being brainwashed by the media and society, that they are telling you what is beautiful and what isn't.

    • yes it was a good movie.. lol..
      yes.. beauty and all that is exaggerated too much now.. but beauty has always been there.. whether it is inside or outside.. and being attracted to someone has to have both.. so it is a bit deceiving when you see something... and it is not real.. doesn't matter if it is the most beautiful creature.. or ugliest pig ever..

  • Sure. This way I don't have to waste my time. I can see people's inner beauty, which I try to do now anyways. But sometimes they hide it for a while before revealing themselves... tricky tricky...

    • you know that is true about people hiding their true colors until you really get to know them, I kinda do that with some people. I don't wanna just let myself out instantly lol. how exactly do you go about looking at a person's inner beauty?

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    • ooooh its youuuuu :P hahaa.

    • Yep haha. :P

  • I feel sick already.

  • Uh, so I'll look however ugly/pretty I'm on the inside on the outside?

    • the way I see it, if you're an ugly person on the inside then it won't affect the outside, but if you're beautiful on the inside then that will be what reflects the outside.

    • Sounds good to me, sure.

  • Sounds famliar. Don't remeber where I heard that concept from (the vid dosent work btw) I just remeber it wore of and one of the girls had a unibrow and he freaked out lol.

    Can you answer mine please?


What Guys Said 6

  • I wouldn't because I'd rather see the person as they truly are. Reminds me of the times I'd meet girls off dating sites that'd look very attractive in their pictures but once I met them in person, they'd be fatter (and a lot) or they just wouldn't look anything like their pictures.

    I know appearance isn't in everything and I may not be the pickiest person (although I used to be), but I still have standards and there's gotta be at least some attraction. You can't date someone who has a lot in common but no physical attractiveness, and you can't date someone who's very attractive but you have nothing in common with and nothing to talk about with. It just won't work.

    • yeah man that's a good reason to not do it. wonder what a world full of smart, funny, nice gorgeous women look like hahaa.

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    • I agree with you there man. its just not worth it. and their validation is nonexistent in my world.

    • Right. I could care less about their validation. It was just annoying as fuck, because it seemed like that's all they talked about. Like they're more concerned about my sex life than I am as if they're wanting to fuck me lol.

      Way I see it though is there'll always be guys who get more than me as well as ones who get less. No reason to feel superior or inferior when I'm having luck with women or struggling. Happens to everyone and it doesn't define us.

  • Hmm I like this movie because it emphasizes free will and to not be dragged into social inclinations as well as control.

    • yeah its a real good movie. funny too.

      beauty is programmed in society.

  • haha, haven't seen that but it's hilarious... and no I so would not want that.

    • hahaa its all good.

      and the movie is really funny, I highly recommend it :P

    • the look at that guys face when he sees his buddy is classic

  • Before undergoing beer goggle laser surgery I would wonder if the surgeon had emtied the beer bottle 8)
    Wwwwwat ddo yyyyouuu mmmmmmean? You'rrrrre here to be laffffferrrred?

  • Yeah I would totally go option A - That would be amazing.

    • damn how could you possibly decide with all the endless gorgeous women with amazing personalities and character traits

  • if it also affected how she felt to the touch, sure. Otherwise no.

    • in the film they say, "the brain feels what it wants to see" so you would be feeling exactly what you see and how she looks in your eyes.

    • Oh. Well, that works then :-D

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