How do you make a well done picture like this?

Its well made and the colors match and the little br
How do you make a well done picture like this?

own leaves or dots are well fitting with the picture of groudon... id wish for this kind of picture for all the pokemon lol but i can't find it.. how do they make these anyways?


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  • Oh, I see what happened there. So you used the second picture in your other question, but added a shadow. That is why I felt something was off; it is not suitable to add a shadow to this kind of picture. Regardless, it wasn't a bad touch.

    Regarding this question, this picture was created by photoshop. They filled a blank page with a certain color they want and then used brushes (and they come in different shapes) with slightly different colors to create the leaves and the gradual color change in the background. The pokemon was simply placed on the suitable place.
    It is easy and not a complicated process. If you download photoshop, this is maybe one of the first things you learn, to create such pictures. ^-^

    • Thanks a lot for the time to reply... appreciated. and your are a most helpful

    • Only if i can get 2 more abswers to this question i can mark u as most helpful

    • Oh, it is Ok. Glad it helped,
      and you are welcome. ^-^

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  • Photoshop or some kind of art software

    • But whats photoshopped? The pokemon is... well a picture from google and the background, i dont think someone made it... i think they copied it.

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