Why are people so obssessed with the Islamic State?

It's only bolstering their recruitment campaign - their main targets are young, unemployed, and dissatisfied people. This was how Nazi came to power during post WWI Germany, they exploited people's dissatisfactions.

The only way to stop ISIS is to combat its core principles - this is a moral and ethics war, not a hot war that the world wants it to be.


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  • people just like to freak out over everything.


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  • If anything, people are sick of them and wish they would fuq off and let people live their lives as they please without their annoying azzes trying to slaughter anyone who doesn't agree with their ideals.

  • Can't we just a nuclear bomb on them and be don't with it?

    • That's pouring oil on the fire and would immensely help the Islamic State's cause.

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    • So you want an ending to ISIS on a World War II scale?

    • I would like it to end before we get to the 60 plus million deaths. Definitely heading in that direction

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