How to be more outspoken in the workplace? Especially when a co worker taunts you?

Like seriously when I don't get along or don't like a co worker I just avoid them and don't say anything, but this one co worker kept giving me a hard time and making me look bad in front of management. Now this was small company 10 people, so avoiding a co working wasn't really possible. This was the second place I felt like I was held back by another co worker cause they always had to be the one in control. I was more than capable of showing others what I could do, but my abilities always felt disabled due to a control freak co worker or something like that. In the end I decided to go and work for myself, but i'm curious as to what I should do the next time if I ever get another job. I'm just a humble guy who minds his own business and does what management says, so it's a shame I get taken advantage of in my opinion.


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  • Be a leader, not a follower, think a little outside the box and always interpret what management says in terms of what is best for the business, meaning don't do what you are told, do what you thin management is trying to accomplish as those are often two different things. Then you will not be judged by who got there first, you will be judged on the value you bring. Its a double edged sword but you don't have to be right every time.

    • Then management gets pissed cause you didn't do it their way.

    • Depends on where you work, management likes results. Generally, as long as you have some ethics you can get away with a lot.