So I've been having causal sex with a friend and he keeps mentioning that he has another girl he can sleep with, is he trying to make me jealous?


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  • You +other girl +him= 3 way


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  • It sounds more like he's subliminally making it clear that he's not really taking you seriously and can replace you in a second if he pleases. :/ Is that really a situation you want to be in?

    • Yeah that's what I thought I said do it he hasn't haha

    • @Asker You never know though, he might :/ I don't think he would just say it for no reason. If he wanted to make you jealous, there are other, more adorable, less sleazy looking ways he could have done that.

    • I see where your coming from, tbh I was confused about it but it's just sex to me too

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