Girls, im 23 and always been single how am I suppose to find somebody?

I know what a lot of people would say or think regarding this question you know that it's not that serious or important but to me it is or you know I'm too young to worry about it well I am worried about it and ill continually be worried about it for as long as I'm single how do I know that the next 23 years of my life I'll still be single when I'm 30 or 40+ do you know how bitter it will make me be? I try to hold it together I try to conceal my emotions and have a positive outlook I try to improve myself and my life but this is just getting under my skin no matter what people say it's still under my skin! I'm so sick and tired of what life has thrown or is throwing at me I try to be positive and be myself I try to keep my composure and be confident I do everything I can think of but it doesn't work I don't think I'm ugly I don't think I'm unattractive maybe I am I don't I just feel like I should give up and not care anymore


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  • Go out more. You need to be out in order to mingle. But in my case i found my special someone online because i thought it was easier to see which people were single and which were not and who would talk to me. It really depends on the person. Some people do not like searching online because it might lead to scams and fake people but it all depends on how you look around.