If you saw someone cheating on their partner, would you tell them?

Now... after answering that...

Imagine you're the one being cheated on... and everyone (your friends and family) know you're being cheated on... but you don't know...

Would you prefer someone (anyone) tell you the truth "open your eyes" or would you prefer them to leave you in the dark while everyone else knows?

if you saw someone cheating on their partner, would you tell them?

  • I would tell (and if i was the one being cheated on, I would want someone to tell me)
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  • I would not tell (and if i was being cheated on, and everyone knew, i would rather nobody tell me)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If my friends and/or family knew that my girlfriend/wife was cheating on me and still CHOSE to not tell me, I would cut them out of my life forever.

    • okay... .. and if it's the other way around? if you knew someone was being cheated on, since you would want to be told if it was happening to you, would you speak up and let the other person know, if you knew?

    • Of course I would.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I am a loyal person, and i would always tell someone close to me that they were being cheated on. My conscience wouldn't allow me to keep it from them. If i didn't tell them then not only would they be betrayed by their partner... they 'd be betrayed by a friend too ( me) for keeping it from them


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What Guys Said 7

  • Depends on the relationship I have with said person. If it was a family member, close friend, or anybody in general who is very close to me I would say something. If it was someone I'm not close to then I would not get involved because it is not my place to do so. We also have to keep in mind that we do have to concern ourselves with the fury of the loser in the relationship or even both so it is not an easy idea to expose and destroy somebody emotionally.

    As much as I would like the other person to know that they are being cheated on, there are people who would rather not know. I found that most people want to live in ignorance after meeting so many people from so many different cultures and analyzing said cases. Ignorance is bliss, but also dangerous in the long run.

    In my case, I would want someone to tell me if my girl was cheating on me. You live in Russia, so I don't know the culture there, but here in America cheating is quite common. In my building in downtown that I live in there are so many gorgeous women. Unfortunately, many of them cheat despite being in there late 20s to early 30s and dating their man for years on end! Point is, I would rather know now of their disloyalty so I know who I'm dealing with. I don't want to get married and god forbid have kids with a moron...

  • Yeah I've been cheated on before. If my family hid that from me I would no longer respect them at all.

  • If it's my good friend I would look the other way, if not I wouldn't care but if it was his girl I would tell him 😂

    • What do you mean? if it was your friend you wouldn't tell them that they're being cheated on? or if your friend was the one cheating you wouldn't tell their partner?

    • 2nd option

  • Well if it was someone in my family I would tell but like a friend or a stranger I'd keep my trap shut

    • So if a lot of people you knew, that were not family and not really considered "friends", but just people that you know, and they all knew you were being cheated on, you would rather them not tell you anything, and see you as the fool? Ya?

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    • Id figure it out myself seriously if someones cheating a lot of the times is VERY likely they at least suspect it just stay out of everyones relationships because if you tell them and they by any chance end up forgiving them they will label you a gossip and a "homewrecker" it happened to me once so I tend to stay out of peoples business

    • sure most times people sense things but what if there's no sensing and it's been going on for a looooong while... I bet you'd like to know... but I have a strong feeling that most who say to stay out of it, is from that mentality of possibly cheaters, because "they" could be the one's cheating, and wouldn't like to be caught... thus labeling the person who revealed it a homwrecker.. which i wouldn't mind being called something i'm obviously not, because i wouln't be offended since i'm not... the real homwrecker is the person who brought in the third person to begin with...

      anyway... i'm gonna schedule a dinner and not only tell, but also give proof of it... there's photos and videos... it's awful. but I wouldn't like to be made a fool when everyone else knows.. so i'm doing her a favor... and if he truly wanted to fix things he wouldn't be fucking other girls. & it is my business when he's over here talking to me about how badly he wants to fix his relationship with his girl. FAKE!

  • i am going to have to go with the guy code on this one

    • which is? I'm assuming it's that you wouldn't tell, right? ... so back to my entire question... so then you mean if YOU were the one being cheated, and everyone else knew or at least MOST people around you knew it, and you didn't even have a clue! you wouldn't want someone to tell you? you'd rather be the ignorant fool that believes the lies your partner feeds you? that's what you mean,.. right?

    • the guy code is basically you don't tell on your friend but if i knew some girl was cheating on one of my close friends i would tell them but if my friend was the one cheating i wouldn't tell the girl because that is his business not mine i would tell him that its bad if she was a nice girl if she was bitch i wouldn't say anything and if i told on my friends i prb wouldn't have any friends would i want someone to tell me i would expect my guy friends to tell me but not one of the girls friends who was cheating on me

  • No. Why would I want to ruin a relationship?

    • Really? .. So the person that decided to betray and lie and fuck someone else is not the "real responsible" person? With that type of mentality I'm scared to see you reproduce xD

      The person that betrays, has ruined the relationship in the instant that he/she decided to betray... Irrelevant to how and when the other person finds out.

      Brainless 😞

    • I tell the person they're being cheated on = three unhappy people
      I say nothing = three happy people
      It's a win win for everyone! xD

  • If I saw someone cheating on someone I was close to I would tell them (unless I was closer to the cheater), but otherwise I wouldn't say. And of course I'd want to know the truth if my girlfriend was cheating on me


What Girls Said 1

  • nah id tell and id want to know for sure. even if it hurts.

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