Is Albuquerque, New Mexico a good place to live in?

Anyone who lives there or has been there, what is it like? Tell me all about it in terms of people, services and accommodation?


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  • I've traveled there. It's a nice place. I would not want to live there, but the New Mexico climate and landscape feel very alien to me.

    I wouldn't say the people stand out as being exceptionally friendly or outgoing, but that's just my experience. Services and accommodations are the same as in any medium-sized city.

    It's an "interesting" place, more than anything else. I'd enjoy going back. :)

    • Nicest thing about New Mexico might be those cold, clear desert nights. Perfect for cuddling up with your preferred chiquita.

      Happy Trails. And thanks.

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  • Its highly talked about last time I checked go for it bud.