Why would a dog pee himself while awake?

he was lying right next to me as usual on my bed i was rubbing him and doing w/e on the laptop and he was licking himelf which he usually does
and then i get up i notice these drops on him when no one touched him and he was on my bed so there was no reason for water to get on him
i look and i see a huuuge stain on me and the bed right under the dog he was just lying on it like he didn't even know anything happened and was licking himself or the urine or something and there was a small puddle near my door

i didn't punish him and i knew something was wrong, my dad fed him milk and then some cool water
he ate some roach poison yesterday but threw it all up and he was ok later on that day and was acting norma, could that be it?

we can't take him to the vet today but tmrw probably, what could it be?


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  • It probably is the poison. You should have taken him to the vet as soon as you found that he had eaten that, even after he threw some of it up. So by today, it is probably acting on him. If you don't take him to the vet today, it may get even worse by tomorrow.

    • really?
      but he threw it all up and drank tons of water and was totally normal later on the day

      wouldn't he have shown more signs later yesterday if it was the poison?
      can dogs actually die of roach poison? it's too weak for them and i thought the throwing up was about it when it comes to damage from roach poison

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    • omg :'(

      alright ill figure something out or see another vet or something asap
      do you know how long does it take for the poison to... you know? like how many days or hours or w/e?

    • The vet will give you the answers that I do not have.

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  • There's the potential that it's the poison. I agree with @Red_Arrow even though your dog threw up and drank water, it's not for sure that he got all the poison out of his system and the incontinence could be a sign of it working its way through and affecting his bladder. You should have taken him to the vet after it happened.

    More likely than it just affecting his bladder though is that it's attacking his neurological functions and has paralysed some of the nerves and muscles down by his bladder. That happened to one of my dogs before after eating some rat poison and the vet struggled to save him. He did eventually but it was difficult so, again, I can't stress enough that you need to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

    Though, depending on how old your dog is, it could just be incontinence due to age. But it's a huuuuuge coincidence that that happened the day after eating something that affects neurological functions. Please take your dog to the vet.


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  • It's incontinence. It's not that rare for dogs who're getting older (especially if they're neutered). I don't know you're dogs medical history, so I can't point out the exact cause. If your dog is showing signs of disease, go to the vet (maybe he's less active, eating less, more grumpy, etc). If he's showing no signs of disease, but still regularly pees himself a little, then you can still go to vet, because some medications can help your aging dog with this problem.