Is the answer to life extraterrestrial human aliens?


If only people realized that your typical intelligent alien is actually a 7 foot tall human being with olive colored skin then world peace would occur. We'll realize that we're not alone in the universe; in fact, it is a friendly universe.

Here's proof of robots built by advanced human aliens that intimidate UFO witnesses to be quiet:

Is the answer to life extraterrestrial human aliens?
This video was taken in a hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada in 2012. The staff said that the men were looking for a UFO witness who worked there, but he wasn't available at the time. The staff described the two men as twins, bizzarely tall, with no eyelashes (their hair also seemed fake). They also had big hypnotic, blue eyes. They harrassed the staff until they left 30 minutes later after arrival.

This is quite remarkable really and I suspect that government officials work alongside these aliens.


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