Imagine for a moment that christianity/religion was real, what would you do if you went to heaven?

I'm asking what would you do because you would literally be the only person who ever made it to heaven since nobody has ever not sinned in some kind of small way.

When you get there, God is there by himself naked and jacking off to the latest fappening pics.
You startle him and its really awkward because you're both as surprised as eachother. God is just surprised to see anyone at all because he thought he'd made the rules tight enough to ensure nobody ever got into heaven yet there you are and you've caught him jacking off.
You're surprised to have gotten to heaven and seen God doing exactly what you weren't allowed to do your whole life.

And so you stand there looking at eachother in awkward silence. And this is it for eternity..

What do you do or say next?


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  • I would say what next

    • That would work so well in a sketch hahaha!

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  • It's not. Trust me ಠ_ಠ

    • Yeah but what would you do in that situation hypothetically. Read the whole thing, you're nuts so surely you can think of something funny

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