What happened to my life?

This time 2 years ago was one of the greatest summers of my life, always meeting up with friends, always talking to people on social media, it was just great.

But then my mum and ex-stepdad split up. I would like to make it clear that this itself was not the problem, as they were both clearly unhappy. However, when we lived with him, our house used to be central to a lot of my friends, most people I was close to were within walking distance. Also town was only half an hour away, and there were lots of parks nearby where we could all meet up a lot. But when we had to leave the house, due to their separation, we moved all over the town - all the places very far away from where we used to live. Even the place we live now is a 40 minute walk away from my old house so its very difficult to get to places as I have no car etc.

Additionally, a few months before they split up I got a new boyfriend.

Gradually, I went to less and less parties and events, and spoke to people less and less on social media etc. When I finished school in June this year, it got even worse as I was no longer seeing people on a daily basis.

Now I seem to spend my days watching rubbish reality on TV or sitting at my boyfriends house. The only person I really ever talk to is this guy. It's hard seeing people meeting up without me, especially the other day when I saw a picture of my 2 previous best friends together. I know I should've done more to keep in contact with everyone.

Soon I will be going to university, and although I'll meet lots of new people, my old friends are still really important to me. Any advice on how to get back to where I was?


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  • first of all... i am sorry all this happened. This is not fun.

    In terms of getting back to your friends, maybe you first need to start with an apology for losing contact. Tell them basically what you said above "When my parents split and I started moving around a lot, I couldn't get to see you like I did before. Then I got this boyfriend and I wasn't paying attention like I should have been. I am sorry. I was wrong." That often goes a long way to mending fences.

    Then you can tell them that you would like to see them and hang out sometime... but you can't easily get to them. Perhaps however you can suggest a place you can get to and they can too fairly easily. OR you may just have to take a bus and walk a few places. If you want this to work, you can find a way. Just might have to think abotu it a bit.

    I hope it works out...

  • Your not alone


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