Good and free website for audiobooks?

I'd like to download some audiobooks, mainly books written after 1990 which are educational, self-help and scientific (No story books like Dracula etc.). Do you know a site where I can download some for free? If you have some funny ones to recommend, I'd be happy to hear your suggestions :D


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  • so I don't have a free audiobook site, but iknow of a free ebook site, you don t get all ebooks free but you get some pretty good ones though, its bookbub. com... also helpful tip-create a kobo account if you don't have one, they go hand in hand the two sites

    • so actually, now that I think about it, there are lots of audiobooks on youtube, and if you can find a site that downloads youtube mp3 for free (and there are many) you can paste your youtube link and have it downloaded :) um here's a link to the conversion sites if you like

    • yeah but most youtube to mp3 converters have a maximum of 20 minutes.. It's a real hassle to individually download every part of a 12-hour audiobook. Thanks for the help though