Would you potentially support a military takeover of the US government?

I thought of this idea a long time ago. It's too bad no military Officers have the guts to actually do it; even if it's necessary. Nice to know that at least some people would support it, then maybe the military would be worth serving in again, and the government wouldn't be so corrupt and dictatorial since they can harass law-abiding citizens now, and five people with no understanding of the Constitution can impose their personal opinions on millions. Not to mention the fact that you all elect morons of both parties who dig the country in to insurmountable debt and exercise poor foreign policy, etc...


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  • I'm not America, I don't live there, but I don't know if a military takeover would be good for any country... last time it happened in Brazil we lived 20 terrible years, all constitutional rights were "legally" violated and there are still people missing from that period.

  • if there were tyranny within the government, then yes.