Is there anyone from Canada who can help?

Hey everyone.

I live in Turkey. I am physiotherapist and very good at it. I got job proposal from a hospital in Vancouver. They offered me 10000 CAD monthly salary. I wonder how is this money in Canada? Is this enough for living or not? House for rent, food, transportation etc. Are these requirements expensive in general?


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  • That's about 120 000 a year, which is a very good salary. There are high income taxes however, and living in Vancouver is pricey. Consider living a bit out of downtown where it's a bit less expensive, but overall, that salary is definitely enough.

    • Thanks for answer. I am alone. So i dont need to take care of any children, family etc. How much money do i spend for a month?

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    • Aw no problem :) I hope all goes well for you!

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  • Cost of living is pretty high in Vancouver, but I would imagine that 10K/mo would more than cover everything that you need. Renting should be better than buying and I would advise that you live away from the city centre, but that's more than enough money.


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