Replacing an s6 which is cheaper?

My s6 won't charge and its not the charger. I think I may have shorted something out and beginning to think its not a legit phone being that it came straight from Singapor (I heard they make colones of the phones) and I thought (because it said on the listing) that it was coming from Memphis TN. Well, I get it and they gave me a US plug adapter for it so I thought ok, no problem... well it has issues charging in the beginning and I had to hold the plug a certain way, then (it was covered with a clear case and screen protector) I had gotten some kinda liquid on the front which I imeadiately whipped off. Well now it won't charge at all and so Im thinking something may have shorted out. My question is, is it cheaper to buy a new one or to just get it repaired and get insurance on it asap? I spent $543.98 total.

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  • Get it repaired and get insurance on it ASAP those phones ain't cheap!
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  • I would most likely buy a new one that is shame to spend that money and
    that happens to it but you can buy them phones from other cell phone providers
    I got ripped off from Ebay for cell phones , You know from Cricket Wireless
    that is now owned by At&t they sell a phone called the ZTE Grand X Max +
    it's large phone but it's nice phone and recently they got upgraded to that
    Android 5.0 Lollipop but that Ebay has history of selling counterfeit ( fake)
    products , I do know there was a guy who sold cell phones on Ebay and
    his name was Cougar Cell and he was the only one i trusted oh you remind
    me of myself i got a thing for cell phones... hahha XD


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  • Why don't you call your service provider and see how much it would cost you to use the insurance and then you'll know for sure.

    • I can't because I dont have a service plan I bought the phone out right off ebay.

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    • sounds like a sound plan

    • I don't know I think I might go through att now they seem to have good deals

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  • I know this is not that likely but before you rush off and buy a new phone try a different power point in your home. Also try another appliance in the power point you tried to charge your phone in and see if that works. Sometimes power points in your house stop working. Also check to make sure no fuses have blown in your house. I know it is more likely to be your phone than this but you would be so annoyed if you bought a new phone and then found out it was one of these that was the problem and not your phone. If that does not work then I would say it is your phone.

    • I've tried that and 3 other chargers. I took it to verizon when I looked inside the hole it looked like it was fried

    • Oh ok, I would say it is cheaper to buy a new one then as it probably has fried everything.

    • It looks like just the charging port itself because it seemed to be working fine before it went totally dead (the battery died)

  • I have that charging issue with my phone right now.

    Find a cell phone repair shop in your area (they are small businesses). One in my area will fix my charging issue on y phone for $50... beats buying a new phone! :)

    • I bought the wireless charging pad for now, but once I get paid (some time next week) I will pay to have the port fixed.

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