Is there anything nice that I can buy for a girl friend of mine?

She's quite close to me.. and her birthday is near, but I don't know what to get her..


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  • When in doubt, get gift cards. Gift cards are always the best.


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  • Think along the lines of hobbies... What kind of person is she like? I have many female friends obviously. Could provide specific suggestions if you elaborate on her personality...

    • by the way if you like the girl then whatever her personality is, bracelets and your own words say in a letter or card is great. that said you haven't listed price range that would be of use

  • Flowers! Or something fun! Get a bonsai kit!

    • Errr bonsai? Are you sure most girls would be into that?

    • It's cute! And you have no ideas and didn't tell us anything about this girl or her interests so... there you go.

    • Sorry, I meant the QA, not you

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